Supportive Activities – TheSculptYou


Shake it like a salt-shaker, get an amazing workout, release endorphins, and let go of negative energy, all with our dance classes! Every single week you will receive new classes: Dance Party, Choreo, Twerk, or Wagon Work (our dance and glute workout class!) Make sure and look for new content every week!



Join our yoga instructor Bianca for new yoga flows, every week, that invite feelings of self-love, safety, strength, liberation, and deep breathing in your body. Bianca’s goal is to make all yoga flows accessible to everyone - with classes perfect for all experience levels!

Feel free to bring props, even though they aren’t required for most flows! You can use a pillow for a bolster, a hand towel for a strap, and water bottles to balance - instead of blocks.


Cardio & Core

Our Cardio & Core section was designed by our Doctor of Physical Therapy, Aissa McGuirl. Use this section to help strengthen your core, improve stability and strength, reduce pain, increase mobility, build muscle definition, all while gaining power and speed. Check back weekly, for new Cardio & Core modules of high-intensity interval training, plus functional workouts!