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Beginner/Advanced Workouts

No matter where you’re at on your fitness journey, we’ve got you covered. Inside your Sculpt You dashboard, you’ll find the exact workout difficulty-level you need, whenever you need it. Whether you’re ready to get your first ever, workout in, or whether you’re looking for a more advanced training program, look no further than your Sculpt You membership!

Lifestyle-Based Meal Plans

One of the most difficult things with nutrition is consistency. Most of this is caused by complicated meal plans that have you measuring every last grain of rice. That’s not the case with our lifestyle-based meal plans that are made for real women with who have real lives to live! Want a Vegan meal plan, how about Gluten/Dairy/Soy-Free? Either way, choose the meal plan that’s right for you, then decide if to toggle on Macros or simply follow our Intuitive Eating guidelines!

700+ Exercise Tutorials

There’s nothing worse than worrying about looking “stupid” at the gym for doing something “wrong”, and feeling like everyone is judging you. This is why we’ve taken the time to record over 700 tutorials to show you exactly how to do every single movement in your workout. You’ll feel confident and motivated as you follow along with your Sculpt You workout!


Get an insane sweat, shake that booty, and have a blast with us in our dedicated dance section of your dashboard! Want to learn a routine step-by-step? Want to learn how to bounce that booty while getting a good workout in? Shake off the stress from your daily life and learn to move, accept your body the way it is, and become even more comfortable in your own skin.


A healthy lifestyle is not all about lifting heavy weight in the gym. Yoga is an incredible option for making personal gains, both mentally and physically, as you give yourself all the self-care that you need to stay balanced in life. If you’re new to yoga, we’ve made sure to cover all lthe basics so you can jump in wherever you feel comfortable. Make sure you don’t skip this section in your dashboard, and if it feels right to you, make it part of your regular training routine.


There’s a right and a wrong way to do cardio, and it is NOT about constantly destroying yourself on a stair mill. Inside your Sculpt You dashboard you’ll learn about how to properly perform cardio for your specific goals, whether that’s losing weight, gaining muscle, or simply staying active to fuel your lifestyle.

Mental Health

What’s more important than your mental health? Absolutely nothing! If you don’t have the mental side of things figured out, you’ll struggle to progress physically. Trust me! Inside your Sculpt You dashboard, you’ll find everything from meditation to journaling exercises, specifically designed for your personality type, to help you to feel grounded and get you in-touch with who you are at your core.

Period Tracker

Our Period Tracker allows you to have a deeper understanding of your body while helping you to optimize your nutrition, and support your mental health & training, for each phase of your cycle. This is an often-overlooked aspect of the fitness journey but it’s essential for getting you the best results possible!

And more...

Enter one of our included monthly challenges for a chance to win cash prizes and have us donate to the charity of your choice, and keep an eye out for updates to your Sculpt You dashboard as we continue to build this incredible growth-based community, and as we continue to add more valuable features to the Sculpt You membership!


Monthly Challenges

Our themed Monthly Challenges are included in the membership, and their optional participation has proven to help members with consistency and accountability. Watch your dashboard morph to reveal a fun new look and feel, month-after-month!

Oh, and did we mention prizes!?


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