This month is all about accepting and seeing the beauty in being a strong, confident woman!

That means beauty in the sweat, the camel toes, the smells, and whatever else we, as women, get insecure about…

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Are you ready to join Swamp Ass April with the rest of the ladies inside the Sculpt You?!

This is going to be an incredible month for mental health. If you’ve ever struggled with insecurity, you HAVE to join Swamp Ass April.

We’re focusing on accepting and seeing the beauty in being a strong, confident woman! This month is all about ditching your insecurities and flipping the script entirely. You’ll leave this challenge feeling SECURE about your body and being a woman.

Inside your Sculpt You Dashboard, you have everything you need to make this April an amazing, productive month:

Are you ready to make April a great month?

Then join this brand new challenge!

Wondering how much you can really get done in one month?


Are you ready to get results like this? And win money while you do it?

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In order to be eligible for the prize money, you must have your membership active through May 4th.

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I understand you still might not have access to a gym. If so, you’ll want to pay special attention to the numerous at-home workouts inside the Daily Sculpt in case you can’t get to the gym!


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Here’s how I pick the winners…

With four 1st place winners ALL winning $500, I will be choosing the winners not just based on physical results, but on compliance and personal growth!

Plus another $250 per winner ($1,000 total) will go to a charity we choose together.

All you have to do is follow the steps above and post the Swamp Ass April story graphic showing that you completed that day of training and tagging @TheSculptYou!

This will allow us to see if you complete the entire month’s program!

Welcome to the challenge.

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